Sensitive Data Footprint Reduction

Top security risks at any company include employees that accidentally mishandle sensitive data and shady characters that get access to sensitive company information; making security and the risk reduction of data breaches top of mind. Spirion addresses several use cases that enable customers to be proactive and remediate before a potential security incident becomes an issue.
Sensitive data can live here, there, everywhere. Automatically discover the location of sensitive data with best-in-class accuracy — spanning all servers and endpoints, ensuring optimized security compliance to reduce the sensitive data footprint.

Spirion performs fast and accurate searches of both structured and unstructured data in locations where many other solutions cannot; including data mining within images, on hosted and on-premise email servers, databases, SharePoint and the cloud. By reducing the sensitive data exposure, organizations can more accurately focus their data security spend and protect sensitive data.

Data Cleanup

With Spirion’s active scanning technology AnyFind®, companies can be confident by identifying endpoints containing sensitive data. Remediation actions are then taken, such as Azure Information Protection (AIP) labeling and protection, shredding, redacting, quarantining, ACL removal, and script execution to clean up the data.

Data Policy Enforcement

Data is continuously being shared between employees, necessitating a strategy that continually monitors data stores for new instances of sensitive data. Data moves among a variety of public and private storage locations, applications, and operating environments; then, it is accessed by various data owners from different storage devices and platforms. This can happen at any stage of the data security lifecycle, which is why it’s crucial to apply the right security controls at the right time.

Spirion’s File Watcher enables a constant search to identify and classify sensitive data as it is created, modified or shared. The company then has the option to take automatic remediation actions, or simply be notified about the sensitive data in files for manual actions later.

Over its life cycle, data may leave active use and gets archived. Once archived, the data must be both available and protected. Each industry has data retention specific stipulations to remain compliant. Spirion allows organizations to follow their own data retention policies for management after the retention period ends.

IRM/DRM Acceleration

Maintaining access controls over sensitive data is difficult. IRM provides a solution protecting files and documents, Spirion provides the bridge by identifying sensitive information.

After sensitive data has been discovered and classified, Spirion data protection grows stronger by integration with leading IRM technologies such as AIP. This ensures optimized policing of data so that only authorized users gain access, while restricting unauthorized access — thereby, enabling data security and compliance.

Persistent Classification

With Spirion, automated, persistent data classification ensures that no matter how many times data gets moved, copied or shared, it is categorized and tagged automatically based on sensitivity and existing information-centric security policy and processes. This process prevents data loss and helps the company achieve its goals of risk reduction and regulatory compliance, while also safeguarding its reputation and market value.