Ponemon Compares the Impact of Spirion vs. Traditional DLP vs. ad hoc Approaches in Cybersecurity Defense

Duration: 1 hour

December 2017
DPIAs Under the GDPR: When Do You Truly Need Them?


DPIAs Under the GDPR: When Do You Truly Need Them?

Recorded on: December 15, 2017 (1 hour)

According to Article 35 of the EU GDPR, data controllers must conduct a data protection impact assessment (DPIA) when the planned processing of personal data is “likely to result in a high risk to the rights and freedoms of natural persons. Get a perspective from a data protection veteran on conducting DPIAs.  Understand the risk factors that should be considered; when a DPO is needed; whether attorney-client privilege is required; and how data discovery and classification can accelerate DPIAs.

November 2017
Locating and Managing EU Personal Data for GDPR


Locating & Managing EU Personal Data for GDPR Compliance

Recorded on: November 15, 2017 (1 hour)

The global CISO of Levi’s, CEO & Founder of Spirion and a privacy attorney dive into a critical step on the roadmap to GDPR compliance – identifying, discovering, and inventorying EU customer data.  Are you considering all of the right data types, elements and scenarios for the scope of your program? What methodologies and techniques are available to handle the critical data discovery and inventory step?  How should you fit this effort into other enterprise compliance efforts? Once discovery and inventory are underway, where do I go from here?

October 2017
GDPR Remediation Projects


GDPR Remediation Projects: Where to Start, How to (Still) Beat the Deadline

Recorded on: October 11, 2017 (1 hour)

For many multinationals, two questions remain: “Where do we start the remediation process?” and “How do we beat the May 25, 2018 deadline?” This webinar will address both of these questions, including: building your remediation team including roles and responsibilities, creating and illustrating your critical path, conducting data inventories and getting third party vendors on board with your program, and prioritizing which documents to review or create. 

October 2017


Beating DFARS 7012 NIST 800-171 Compliance Deadline

Recorded on: October 05, 2017 (1 hour)

In this webinar, industry veterans offer their perspectives on using Automated Data Discovery & Classification (DD&C) meet DFARS 7012 and NIST 800-171 ahead of the deadline. Topics covered include: Controlled Defense Information (CDI) vs. Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) and why it matters, DD&C capabilities vs. traditional discovery tools, how DD&C fits into 800-171, and rationalizing multiple information security and privacy requirements with one effort

August 2017
Data Inventories and Data Maps


Data Inventories and Data Maps: The Cornerstone of GDPR Compliance

Recorded on: August 24, 2017 (1 hour)

The challenge in creating a data inventory is that it relies exclusively on interviews with the application or process owner, and often crucial information is missed. In this webinar, we share best practices for an effective data inventory, including: essential elements of a data inventory, locating hard-to-find personal data, transforming the inventory into a data map, and leveraging the inventory to meet a variety of GDPR requirements.

July 2017
Top 10 GDPR Challenges


Solving the GDPR’s 10 Toughest Problems

Recorded on: July 27, 2017 (1 hour)

In this webinar, privacy and security industry veterans identify the GDPR’s 10 toughest problems and offer perspectives on how best to solve them in advance of the May 25, 2018 deadline.  Challenges addressed include: Locating your personal data and mapping it, do you need a DPO?, privacy by design and default, cross-border transfers, 3rd party compliance, DPIAs, breach notifications, providing notice and obtaining consent, the right to be forgotten, and crafting a privacy policy.

June 2017


GDPR: Ways to Accelerate Data Protection (featuring Forrester)

Recorded on: June 20, 2017 (1 hour)

In this webinar, guest Forrester Research Analyst, Enza Iannopollo, and Scott Giordano, the Director for Data Protection and Managed Privacy Solutions at Robert Half Legal, will discuss the implications of the regulation and share their perspectives on effective compliance in advance of the deadline including how Data Classification can help accelerate and adequately meet the regulatory requirement

June 2017
Building a Foundation for Data Security and Privacy


Featuring Forrester “Data Classification: Building a Foundation for Data Security and Privacy”

Recorded on: June 01, 2017 (1 hour)

Forrester Senior Research Analyst, Heidi Shey, and Spirion COO, AG Crum, discuss what to look for when evaluating an enterprise-wide Data Classification implementation—whether you’re exploring or have already implemented some form of data classification

May 2017
Ponemon Figures


Ponemon Report Compares the Impact of Spirion in Cybersecurity Defense vs. DLP vs. ad hoc Approaches

Recorded on: May 22, 2017 (1 hour)

In this webinar, Dr. Larry Ponemon and AG Crum, Spirion COO, review the key findings from the research report “The Impact of DLP on Cybersecurity Defense” conducted by the Ponemon Institute.

March 2017


Beating the DFARS 7012 Compliance Deadline with Data Discovery & Classification

Recorded on: March 15, 2017 (1 hour)

Guest speaker Scott Giordano discusses how data discovery and data classification, when combined with information security frameworks help bring organizations into compliance with a myriad of regulations, including the GDPR.