Access free white papers, analyst research and industry reports covering a wide range of data security topics including sensitive data discovery, data classification and data loss prevention.

Poenmon Importance of DLP

Ponemon Report: The Importance of Accurate Data Discovery & Classification in Cybersecurity Defense

Get access to the full 24-page Ponemon Report conducted in January 2017 on the state of DLP.

e-Book: Data Classification for Dummies

This eBook explains how to make Data Classificaiton a part of your everyday business operations to improve your data security posture.

Jump Starting EU Data Privacy Compliance with Data Discovery and Classification

The combination of Data Discovery and Classification and the integration of complementary, tailored controls could offer the best means to rapidly meet the demands of the GDPR.
Post Breach Whitepaper

Post-Breach Impact: A Cost Compendium

All data breaches are bad news, but some are much more costly than others. To find out why, SANS Analyst Program surveyed C-level executives and...

How to Classify and Protect Sensitive Data

You know you have sensitive data such as PCI, PHI, PII or intellectual property, and you know you should classify it so you can both use it and protect it...
The Missing Component in Data Loss Prevention Strategies

The Missing Component in Data Loss Prevention Strategies: Company-Unique Sensitive Data

Not all sensitive data is regulated. Sure, companies know they need to protect PII, PCI and PHI—because data privacy laws requirement them to.
Breach Damage Whitepaper

Javelin Research Study: Avoidable Collateral Damage from Corporate Data Breaches

Once relegated to the back pages of local newspapers, today's data breaches are primetime news. Negative media coverage is often...

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