Spirion Announces User Level Remediation as Part of Sensitive Data Platform 13.2 Release

Tampa, FL – July 2, 2024 – Spirion is proud to announce the release of version 13.2 of the Sensitive Data Platform (SDP), now featuring User Level Remediation (ULR) to further enhance the platform’s robust Data Security Posture Management (DSPM) capabilities.  

User Level Remediation (ULR) 

ULR empowers data owners, stewards, and custodians to successfully manage their most sensitive information with reduced administrative overhead. With ULR the users are fully empowered without sacrificing accuracy, automation, or actionability expected from Spirion. The features that make ULR possible create new pathways for how Spirion can work to reduce the risk of unmanaged sensitive information with these core benefits: 

  • Playbook Override: Authorize data owners to override the administrator-defined data management workflows if appropriate. 
  • Enhanced Role-Based Access: Fully granular options to completely control the permissions and access of any user in Sensitive Data Platform. 
  • Location Summaries: Visualize the most important data by the individual match as well as the roll up per file or database table. 

Spirion’s Sensitive Data Platform continues to deliver unparalleled data security and compliance solutions, now further enhanced with the addition of User Level Remediation released in version 13.2. 


In a world that relies more and more on data, understanding and protecting it is critical. 
That’s why at Spirion, we’re dedicated to helping organizations around the world protect their most sensitive information. Our mission is clear: deliver unmatched 98.5% accuracy in discovering personal, sensitive, and regulated data—no matter where it lives—and provide actionable analytics for superior visibility and measurement to protect at-risk and vital data.  


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