Data Loss Prevention Software Solutions

Attack data sprawl and stop confidential data leakage

Recent high-profile incidents and industry studies illustrate the growing scope, complexity and cost of confidential data breaches. A data loss prevention solution cannot succeed if you simply try to prevent adversaries from accessing or exfiltrating data—you must also accurately find, classify and protect your sensitive data.

To protect your organization from widespread data loss or a data leak Spirion finds structured and unstructured sensitive data such as intellectual property,protected health information (PHI), payment card information (PCI), and personally identifiable information (PII) anywhere it exists. It provides highly precise, persistent data classification and real time visibility as data is created, shared or moved across your organization for better governance, risk reduction and compliance.

Hackers, viruses, malware, ransomware attack and other online threats always find a way onto our systems. Spirion enterprise data loss prevention goes to the source of the data loss problem and secures Data-at-Rest.

Data Protection – Identify Sensitive Data with Unparalleled Accuracy

Sensitive data discovery is a critical first step in any effective data security program. Spirion performs fast and accurate searches of both structured and unstructured data such as personally identifiable information (PII), patient health information, including ePHI and PHI, national provider identification (NPI) and PCI data across your organization. You can even locate non-discrete groups of data, such as sensitive data that is unique to your organization.

Spirion searches for sensitive information across your entire infrastructure, including within images, databases, hosted and on-premise email applications—such as Outlook, Thunderbird, Lotus Notes and Apple Mail—and cloud storage and network devices including SAN and NAS drives, Dropbox, SkyDrive, Google Drive, Amazon Cloud Drive and more.

More accurately focus your data security spend and provide extra data protection layers for key assets.

Perform Data Classification Easily with DLP

Once you identify your data, you need to properly classify it properly. Though data classification is a simple concept, it can be a costly and labor-intensive undertaking. However, data classification doesn’t have to be cumbersome. Spirion revolutionizes data classification through automation built on its highly accurate data identification engine. Spirion Data Platform’s easy-to-use, wizard-driven interface helps you perform data discovery efficiently. Automatic dynamic classification helps users learn what is sensitive or confidential data and what isn’t.

Customizable icons display as file overlays so users know where sensitive information resides, while continuous monitoring helps you control data in real time. Persistent classification ensures that no matter how many times the data is moved or copied, it is categorized and tagged automatically based on your corporate DLP security policy, so you can reduce risk exposure.

DLP Solution – Continuously Monitor Sensitive Data in Real Time

Data is continuously being received and created, necessitating a data loss protection strategy that continuously monitors data stores for new instances of sensitive data. Spirion data loss prevention software provides always-on monitoring to control data in near real time. When a file is created, copied, edited, detached from an email, extracted from an archive, retrieved from cloud storage, or otherwise modified, it is instantly searched, automatically classified, and reported upon. Notification, assignment, and data remediation can be performed automatically or manually, according to your workflow process. You can create a DLP security policy from a single centralized dashboard and can automatically or manually tag systems to easily implement endpoint security.

You can aggregate results across the entire enterprise with one central dashboard and reporting engine. You can also develop custom reports for multiple constituencies and validate data remediation over time. Through capabilities such as continuous monitoring, centralized dashboards and role-based access control, you can reduce your sensitive data footprint—and maintain compliance with data privacy laws.

Automate Data Remediation Actions from a Single Pane of Glass

Discovering and classifying sensitive data is only the beginning: You must also work proactively to protect critical information assets from attack. Detailed reporting and powerful data remediation features allow you to reduce your sensitive data footprint quickly by performing data encryption, shredding unneeded information, redacting toxic data, or quarantining files to more-secure locations. You can optionally include end users and data owners in these efforts by empowering them to perform data remediation.

By effectively securing your sensitive information, you can reduce the risk of data breach damage and protect your corporate reputation.

Get Up and Running in a Day

Spirion provides end users with a powerful but intuitive graphical user interface to search, review and protect their sensitive data. The modern interface obviates the need for technical training for end users. Our centralized console is home to easy-to-read reports, role-based access control, continuous real-time data identification and data classification results. User activity status updates help you stay in control and minimize risk exposure.

Implement an Integrated Data Loss Prevention Solution

Easily integrate Spirion Data Platform data loss prevention software and technology with other products. Our integrated data loss prevention solutions help organizations identify and classify their data-at-rest and determine the types of security controls required to comply with such data privacy laws as HIPAA, FISMA, FERPA, GLBA and PCI.