Python Scripting Overview

In this Extension, we explore the versatility of Python in facilitating the integration of match results from a Spirion discovery scan with third-party applications. We’ll showcase how Python’s ubiquity across various interfaces, including APIs, SDKs, and Spirion scripts, makes it an excellent choice for prototyping such integrations.  

This resource offers insights into automating the process of discovering and remediating sensitive data by utilizing a Python script that can be executed locally. This script can be seamlessly incorporated into workflows within the Sensitive Data Manager (SDM) or playbooks within the Sensitive Data Platform (SDP).  

By the end of this guide, you’ll have a clear understanding of how to leverage Python to enhance your organization’s sensitive data management capabilities.

Spirion Products:
Sensitive Data Manager and Sensitive Data Platform

Required Skills & Technology:
Python development environment and ability to modify and execute a Python script to be called from a SDM workflow or an SDP playbook.

Released: 07/11/2023


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