Search API for Algorithmic Validation
of OEN Numbers

This Extension illustrates how to implement Verhoeff validation within the context of the Sensitive Data Manager Search API.  

Specifically, it focuses focus on applying Verhoeff validation to Ontario Education Numbers (OEN), treating them as a custom data type. OENs are unique identifiers assigned by the Ministry of Education to elementary and secondary students in Ontario, Canada. 

Here you’ll learn how to leverage the capabilities of the Spirion Search API to perform Verhoeff validation on potential matches that have been initially identified using pattern-based definitions. This validation process helps ensure the accuracy and integrity of the OEN data. 

This process will enhance the quality of your data and assist in maintaining the privacy and security of sensitive student information.

Spirion Products:
Sensitive Data Manager Only

Required Skills & Technology:
C++ development environment and ability to modify and compile a DLL from the CPP project files.

Released: 07/05/2023


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