Sensitive Data Discovery Tools

The Most Accurate Data Discovery Solutions

Accurate data discovery is the critical first step in any effective information security program: You cannot protect data if you
don’t know it exists. Spirion performs fast and accurate searches of both structured, semi-structured data and unstructured data in
locations where many other solutions cannot, Including data mining within images, on hosted and on-premise email servers, in databases,
and in SharePoint and the cloud.

By reducing your sensitive data exposure, you can more accurately focus your data security spend and protect sensitive data.

Discover Data with Unparalleled Accuracy

It all starts with accurate discovery of data sources. Understanding what and where sensitive information is, allows you to set appropriate levels of control in your data discovery process. The secret behind Spirion Data Platform’s highly accurate sensitive data discovery software solution is our AnyFind® technology. Our data mining capabilities incorporate contextual search technology that goes beyond fingerprint and pattern or regex-style searching, AnyFind locates a wide variety of data sources, such as payment card industry (PCI data), protected health information (PHI data) and personally identifiable information (PII data), anywhere it exists. Thus, enabling you to quickly and effectively reduce your sensitive data footprint.

Spirion’s easy-to-use, data discovery platform interface helps quickly perform data classification, by setting rules based on sensitivity.
Remediation is automatically performed based on your data security workflow business process. Results are presented in intuitive reports and dashboards allowing you a visual analysis of insights and patterns.

Find Unique Sensitive Data Anywhere with Data Visualization Tools

Building on our industry-leading AnyFind technology, Sensitive Data Engine™ takes finding discrete groups of data—such as PHI, PCI and PII data—to the next level. And it does so with the highest accuracy in the industry.

With Sensitive Data Engine, you can use an intuitive GUI to build sensitive data definitions, allowing you to define the criteria to locate proprietary and unique organizational data. Data that can only be identified by its creator or owner and that can pose one of the greatest challenges in your data loss prevention strategy.

Search for Sensitive Data Everywhere

Sensitive information often turns up in unexpected places. Data drifts get shared and used across the organization by multiple users and ends up in cloud storage or on a USB drive. It can be in databases, Excel spreadsheets or PDF documents. It might even be in images.

Spirion enables you to search everywhere, including within Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, email servers, images, cloud storage and websites. Flexibly scheduled searches increase the speed of results and can be run in background mode, so they don’t interfere with your day-to-day work. Reaching deep within your organization, Spirion rapidly creates a global inventory of all sensitive information so you can classify data, report on it, and take data remediation actions—all from a centralized console.

Continuously Monitor in Real Time

Data is constantly being modified and shared, necessitating a strategy that monitors data stores for new instances of sensitive information. Sensitive Data Watcher™ provides always-on monitoring to control data in near-real time across the data security lifecycle.

When a file is created, copied, detached from an email, extracted from an archive, retrieved from cloud storage, or otherwise modified, it is instantly searched, automatically classified, and reported upon. Notification, assignment, and data remediation can be performed automatically or manually according to your workflow process.

Through continuous monitoring, you can maintain compliance in a world of constant change—and stay a step ahead of the auditors.