To effectively manage risk, it is necessary to have enterprise-wide visibility into your organization’s areas of exposure and an inventory of vulnerable sensitive information. Further, a single initiative to find and protect insecure data is no longer enough. With Spirion Enterprise Suite, you can analyze sensitive information across your entire organization and centrally manage policies on distributed Spirion clients to continually track compliance to your requirements. Spirion Enterprise Suite arms managers with the intelligence they need to identify problem areas and prevent data leakage.

Spirion DLP Suite consists of three products: DLP Console, DLP Endpoint for Windows, and DLP Endpoint for Mac. The enterprise clients perform the searching for sensitive information. These clients report their results into the Enterprise Console, which aggregates this data for reporting and analysis purposes.

Spirion Enterprise Suite can be deployed in any configuration to support a business’s unique organization and policy requirements. The software supports both centralized, agent-less searching and distributed searching. Whether you want centrally manage the process of finding and cleaning your sensitive information or you want to empower your employees to do it themselves, Spirion can help.

Standalone Endpoint

Install Spirion on a single machine and remotely search any device within your organization without deploying agents. Learn more.

Managed Endpoint

Install Spirion on each machine and empower your employees to find and protect sensitive information on their own machines. Learn more.

Centralized Administration with Managed Endpoints and Agentless Searching

Most organizations utilize managed endpoints and agentless searching with a centralized console for administration and reporting. Depending on your unique needs and based on internal business units, one or both might be best. Learn more.