In many industries, IT administrators are responsible for searching the machines owned by an organization, finding personally identifiable information and other sensitive data, and removing this confidential data to reduce the chances of data loss. Employees are too busy with their day-to-day processes or there often is not a single data owner to hold responsible for finding and cleaning private data. To help IT users remove PII, they need a simple solution that can be operated from a single installation and remote search devices on the network without having to deploy an agent.

Spirion DLP Endpoint for Windows supports searching any device that can be accessed from a user’s Windows installation. Customers use the “Remote Machines” feature in Spirion to search all kinds of file systems, including Macs and Unix-based operating systems like Linux. From a single workstation, IT can search remote desktops, remote servers, databases, and even crawl websites to see if there is any confidential data. Beyond identification, these users can take secure actions like shredding a File, redacting sensitive data contained within a file, securing a file by encrypting its underlying contents, and even quarantining sensitive data matches to a secure location.