Protect data with clear and consistent rules

Automated, persistent and purposeful data classification

Effective data classification can be elusive

Every piece of data within your organization represents a unique combination of business value and level of risk. As privacy concerns, cybersecurity threats, and compliance mandates gain intensity, the need for effective data classification is more urgent than ever. Classification systems help you set boundaries around data access, use, and modification, acting as a natural next step to protect data once discovery efforts are complete. But many organizations find the process challenging because:

  • The system is too cumbersome to gain the widespread adoption
  • Tools are not sophisticated enough to consider critical context, resulting in misclassification and potential business disruption
  • Classification decisions can be based on internal politics and departmental preferences rather than evidence
  • The system is applied inconsistently or isn’t comprehensive enough to include all file types and locations

The need for data classification continues to rise

While threats continue to mount each year, many organizations struggle to implement effective classification programs. Automated tools can make a difference, so long as they offer classification that’s comprehensive, intuitive, and persistent.


The number of organizations that have experienced a significant business disruption in the last two years due to a cybersecurity incident, according to Ponemon Institute.

4 out of 5

The number of companies that don’t know the location of their sensitive data or how to protect it, according to Thycotic.


The portion of high-performing organizations that report improved cyber resilience through automation tools, according to Ponemon Institute.


The number of organizations that use cybersecurity automation extensively, according to Ponemon Institute.

Purposeful, automated classification your organization can use

Spirion stands apart from the competition, providing you with privacy-grade classification tools that quickly deliver ongoing value and protection.

Comprehensive and persistent

Spirion categorizes and tags data across all file types and locations, automatically classifying it based on sensitivity and existing information security policy and processes, regardless of how many times it gets moved or copied.

Automation you can trust

Our cloud-based platform automates the cumbersome, time-consuming, and error-prone aspects of data classification, encouraging the widespread adoption that’s critical to your program’s effectiveness. It’s designed to allow for intuitive set-up and enforcement of corporate policies or regulatory requirements via automated playbooks that deliver fine-grained control over sensitive information

Put your data into context

Spirion labels data based on its sensitivity and business context, including, its purpose of collection, the process through which it was collected, customer preferences surrounding how data can be used, applicable regulatory guidelines, custom tags, or any combination of those elements. We then federate labels across the entire IT environment.

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How it works

Spirion’s purposeful and persistent classification provides greater visibility and efficiency for data in motion and at rest, including:

  • Dynamic classification labeling that’s updated whenever labels are modified or added
  • At-a-glance, user-friendly icons and classification markers associated with each bit of data
  • Persistent categorization and tagging regardless of how often data is moved or copied
  • Context-rich labels that identify sensitivity, purpose for collecting the data, business processes, applicable regulatory guidelines, custom, and more
  • Intuitive, automated playbooks for fine-grained data control
  • On-demand, deep-dive reporting and analytics

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