7 Benefits of Making Data-at-Rest Part of Your Security Solution

It’s startling, but in 2017 more than 16 million Americans reported having their identities stolen. In response, federal and state governments, and industry regulators have enacted laws requiring organizations to improve their handling of sensitive data and have stipulated stiff monetary and licensing penalties for those that do not comply.

Like identity fraud, one of the most valuable targets for cyber attacks is data-at-rest due to the immense amount of sensitive data stored in computers, on email servers, and in the cloud, much of it forgotten.

Most organizations already have a DLP solution in place to protect data in motion over the network, but they’re missing out on having a complete security solution they can trust.

7 Benefits of Making Data-at-Rest Part of Your Security Solution

  1. Prevents the Most Frequent Kinds of Breaches
    The two most frequent types of data breaches involving personal information are caused by loss of digital media and hackers. Both could be prevented through data discovery and classification—found as part of a data-at-rest or data-in-use solution.
  2. Corrects and Mitigates Risk
    When sensitive data is found, further risk can be reduced by shredding it, redacting it, or securing it.
  3. Reduces Accidental Transmission
    By highlighting the existence of unsecured files, data owners can reduce the likelihood of accidental transmission and exposing sensitive information.
  4. Eliminates Downtime
    Data-at-rest solutions can be scheduled to perform scanning during off-peak hours so as not to interfere with an organization’s productivity.
  5. Drives Cost Efficiency
    Most data-at-rest solutions can be installed on pre-existing hardware and are relatively simple to use, requiring only software and maintenance costs.
  6. Influences Behavior
    The responsibility for managing discovery and remediation can be given to individual data owners or automated, influencing, and strengthening the processes they use to handle sensitive data.
  7. Empowers Employees
    Since employees are part of the solution and their work is not hindered by scan slow-downs, they feel empowered to be part of the long-term security strategy.

No single solution is enough to protect against every threat within an organization. Employing Spirion for your data-at-rest solution part of your security strategy will provide you and your customers with more complete sensitive data protection to stop theft before it happens.

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