Spirion Launches Scan Coverage to help organizations find hidden pockets of data vulnerability

Spirion has released its new Scan Coverage feature for Sensitive Data Platform (SDP) to help enterprises better manage their sprawling data terrain. Spirion minimizes the risks associated with growing volumes of personal information collected on consumers and employees and other sensitive organizational data by providing accurate visibility into the complete landscape of data no matter where it lives—on networks, in the cloud, on remote file servers, and on physical devices—with industry-leading, independently validated 98.5% accuracy. With Spirion, organizations reduce risk exposure, improve efficiencies, and inform decision-making while facilitating compliance with data protection and privacy legislation.

With Spirion’s Sensitive Data Platform (SDP), organizations can rest easy knowing that the sensitive data they collect and store has been discovered, classified, and remediated for the data sources you have scanned.

Stay Current with Sensitive Data Scans

Employees are spinning up new applications and data stores every day, so how can you know what you’re missing? In today’s complex data ecosystems, it’s a daunting task to keep current with which Data Assets and Targets have been scanned, and when you last scanned them.

The types of sensitive data you need to scan are also a continual work-in-progress. Just when you’ve scanned everything for known PII Data Types like social security or credit card numbers, new state laws pop up mandating new categories like geo-location. Each change requires data sources to be rescanned for these new data types – and new categories of internal confidential materials emerge all the time.

You need a way to understand what Targets and Data Types have been scanned, but it’s just as important to know what hasn’t been scanned. With SDP Scan Coverage, you can adeptly oversee your entire data environment.

Know What Hasn’t Been Scanned

SDP Scan Coverage provides an audit-trail history to view all scans for the selected Target and see key information associated with each scan.

Beyond this scan history, SDP Scan Coverage identifies what hasn’t been scanned, so you can increase coverage where needed to ensure that there are no hidden pockets of vulnerable data.


  • Scan History: Targets – view all scans that have occurred on the selected Target
  • Scan History: Data Types – view all Data Types that have been scanned on the selected Target
  • Coverage & Data Types Report – locate Data Types that have never been scanned
  • Scan Coverage by Target – locate Targets that have never been scanned


Scan History provides an audit trail of the scans that have been run for a target
Scan History provides an audit trail of the scans that have been run for a target



Coverage & Data Types Report lists whether scans have been performed by Data Type
Coverage & Data Types Report lists whether scans have been performed by Data Type


In last month’s product release, Spirion extended the breadth of its accurate data discovery to encompass new AnyScan™ connectors for big data and cloud repositories including Snowflake, Salesforce, Confluence, Jira, Microsoft Planner, and a collection of Apache Hadoop sources, with over 100 additional Big Data, cloud platforms and SaaS applications to be released in the coming months. With new Scan Coverage, organizations can be sure that they’re fully leveraging Spirion to find and scan data wherever it resides and make sure that it stays updated.

Learn more about Scan Coverage here.