U.S. State Data Protection Law Roundup for 2018 On-Demand Webinar

On-Demand Webinar: “U.S. State Data Protection Law Roundup for 2018”                                                                                                          To combat ongoing security breaches and risks, many states have sprung into action, adding and amending statutes and standards during 2018. With the public’s most personal and confidential information on the line, a growing number of states refuse to wait for the federal government to take action.  In a recent webinar, Scott Giordano, our VP of Data Protection and resident legal expert, offered an in-depth analysis of various states’ efforts to strengthen consumer data protection. He focused in on the last 12 months, looking closely at how states have promulgated these protections.

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In this webinar, Scott shared legal insights comparing various state laws and what they mean for data protection. It’s critically important for businesses to note that many of these statutes extend beyond the states’ borders and apply more extensively than one might think. Scott reviewed many specifics of what’s new in data protection regulations for several states. He broke down the following issues and examples during the session:

  • Standards – including the states with statutes addressing data security standards: Ohio, Colorado, Nebraska, South Carolina, and California.
  • Regulations – related to the sale of personal information, with a focus on developments in Vermont, Iowa and California.
  • Statutes – addressing breach notification requirements in Alabama, Arizona, Louisiana, Oregon, South Dakota and Virginia.

In addition to a detailed examination of individual state’s efforts, Scott provided insights into approaches that will help ensure your business complies. He shared how to get a data protection steering committee started and what is required, as well as recommendations for who should lead the security program and privacy sides of a business.

As states work to better protect data, businesses need to pay attention to requirements, statutes and standards that have major implications if not met. We invite you to watch this on-demand webinar to help you better understand data privacy regulations at the state level and how they will impact your organization during the coming year.

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