Spirion and HANDD Business Solutions Partner to Bring Data Protection and Data Classification Solutions to Chief Data Officers

Companies Co-Sponsoring UK Chief Data Officer Network Event to Share Insights and Strategies to Overcome Data Protection Challenges in the Enterprise

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla., October 14, 2021 –(BUSINESS WIRE)–Spirion, a pioneer in data protection and privacy, and HANDD Business Solutions, an independent specialist in global data security, serving 700 clients in 27 countries, today announced a partnership that showcases the depth of Spirion’s proven data discovery and classification technology combined with HANDD’s specialization in data protection. Additionally, the two companies are Gold Sponsors at the upcoming UK Chief Data Officer Network Event, October 18-19, 2021, at Oxford Belfry Hotel & Spa, Oxfordshire, UK.

Spirion helps organizations comply with ever-changing data privacy regulations, avoid costly fees, protect against data breaches, and defend an organization’s reputation with Spirion Sensitive Data Platform (SDP). The Spirion privacy-grade™ solution helps organizations discover sensitive data, classify data based on its level of sensitivity, and remediate sensitive data wherever it lives. HANDD’s independent data protection specialists work with FTSE 100 companies to protect data, detect threats to networks and systems and respond quickly.

“Spirion takes data protection to the next level, and when paired with our ability to roll-out projects in line with budget and timelines, customers can be certain we’ll be able to deliver successfully against requirements in their journey to a GDPR compliant framework,” said Matt Parkinson, Data Security Specialist, HANDD.

This year’s edition of the Chief Data Officer Network brings together the most innovative Data Officers in the UK to share their insights and strategies to overcome challenges, gain advantages and plan for the future. Workshops will examine the latest technology and evaluate cutting edge tools to achieve your goals.

“We’re committed to enabling and working with our partners to give customers a complete and thorough data protection experience,” said Tom Palomaki, Chief Customer Officer, Spirion. “By partnering with HANDD, organizations around the world can secure the entire journey of data, from consultancy and technical design, through installation, training and support. HANDD’s specialist knowledge and unmatched expertise makes it a trusted partner in securing an organizations’ data.”

About Spirion

Spirion has relentlessly solved real data protection problems since 2006 with accurate, contextual discovery of structured and unstructured data; purposeful classification; automated real-time risk remediation; and powerful analytics and dashboards to give organizations greater visibility into their most at-risk data and assets. Spirion’s Privacy-Grade data protection software enables organizations to reduce risk exposure, gain visibility into their data footprint, improve business efficiencies and decision-making while facilitating compliance with data protection laws and regulations.

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