Spirion Included in “Now Tech: Privacy Management Software, Q3 2021” Report

Company Recognized in Personal Data Discovery and Governance Platform Functionality Segment

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla., November 1, 2021 –(BUSINESS WIRE)–Spirion, a pioneer in data protection and privacy, has been named in the Now Tech report from Forrester Research on Privacy Management Software, Q3 of 2021. The report is aimed at privacy, risk, and security professionals to help them understand the value organizations can expect from a privacy management software provider. Spirion is included among 33 privacy management software companies that were overviewed based on market presence and functionality.

According to the report, “Privacy budgets are growing… [and] investments aimed at improving privacy and data protection practices come from other business units, such as security or IT. With regulators’, partners’, customers’, and employees’ privacy expectations and demands on the rise, … companies are increasingly adopting technologies for their privacy management needs.” In the report, Forrester defines privacy management software as: “technology that enables organizations to design, execute, and monitor programs that manage customers’ and employees’ privacy touchpoints and governs the personal data underpinning them.”

“Privacy regulation requires that companies discover, control, and risk-assess their data assets, however, many organizations can’t take the first step in protecting sensitive and personal data because they don’t know where that data lives,” said Jen Holtvluwer, chief marketing officer, Spirion. “This is where Spirion comes in. We minimize the time data analysts spend locating sensitive information as the big data footprint increases. We believe this inclusion in Forrester’s report further validates that our data discovery and governance platform outlines key stages of readiness to safeguard sensitive data and sustain compliance now, and into the future.”

Spirion’s solution offerings are based upon the company’s Sensitive Data Platform (SDP). SDP introduces Privacy-Grade™ capabilities to security, privacy control, and privacy management initiatives to ensure sensitive information protections are persistently enforced throughout an enterprise.

Read the full report, “Now Tech: Privacy Management Software Report Q3 2021” here (available to Forrester subscribers and for purchase).

About Spirion

Spirion has relentlessly solved real data protection problems since 2006 with accurate, contextual discovery of structured and unstructured data; purposeful classification; automated real-time risk remediation; and powerful analytics and dashboards to give organizations greater visibility into their most at-risk data and assets. Spirion’s Privacy-Grade data protection software enables organizations to reduce risk exposure, gain visibility into their data footprint, improve business efficiencies and decision-making while facilitating compliance with data protection laws and regulations.

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