Data Classification Solutions Software

An essential step in your sensitive data protection strategy

Perform Data

Classification Easily

Whether you need data archiving solutions or help with data loss prevention, Spirion’s easy-to-use, wizard-driven interface helps you perform data classification quickly. With a few clicks, you can create rules to classify big data based on sensitivity. Data remediation can be performed automatically according to your data security workflow process. Results are presented in intuitive reports and dashboards—and you can implement security controls directly from a centralized management console.

Automated Persistent Data Classification

Spirion revolutionizes data-centric security classification through automation built on its unparalleled accuracy. Data classification information is visible and persistent across your organization and stays with files even when they’re renamed or moved to a different location.

With automated persistent data classification tools, you can promote a sensitive data protection culture that helps reduce data loss

Implement User-Driven Security Classification

Empower employees to add data categorization based on policies and alert them to the sensitivity of their data. Employees can easily classify data through intuitive add-ons for their most widely used applications, such as Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat, and Windows Explorer. Email classification provides them with the ability to get visual notifications on outbound messages and attachments, and tag or classifies an email before they send it, which helps your organization increase email data security.

Accurately discovering and classifying data-at-rest is essential to prevent a costly and reputation-damaging data breach. Spirion helps you easily implement a structured, automated classification program to promote a safe data culture in your organization.