Manage Risk with Spyglass

Centralized Sensitive Data Loss Prevention Trending and Reporting

Executives can quickly see the posture, risk exposure and protection status of sensitive data across the company, and make data driven decisions with Spyglass. Quickly understand sensitive and confidential data across your organization, assess the risk exposure of protected and unprotected data, drill down into the details and make better decisions to allocate resources for data loss prevention.

Spyglass presents visual reporting of user definable side-by-side dashboard components on a single dashboard page layout. Dashboard components come in a variety of chart types, and you can define time windows presenting how data is grouped, summarized, and displayed for each component.

  • Single screen visualization of all your sensitive data and remediation activities
  • Know your Maximum Exposure vs. what’s Protected at any time across your environment – on premise and cloud—of
  • Visualize trends, showing Existing Data vs. Newly Created Data vs. Protected Data
  • Drill down into details and areas of concern are a tap or click away

Single Screen Visualization of All Your

Sensitive Data and Remediation Actions

  • Know your Maximum Exposure vs. what’s Protected at anytime across your environment – on premise and cloud
  • Visualize and measure “adequate care” over time, showing Existing Data vs. Newly Created Data vs. Protected Data
  • Drill down into details are a tap or click away
Spyglass - for Data Loss Prevention

Interactive Timeline

Isolate the status of created and protected sensitive data to understand the use and risk associated across your organization at any point in time.

  • Interactive timeline of all your discovered sensitive data artifacts
  • Trend, monitor & drill down into sensitive data risk
  • Isolate trends in the creation and protection of sensitive data
Spyglass-Interactive Timeline for Data Loss Prevention
Spyglass-Sensitive Data Footprint for Data Loss Prevention

Visualize All Protected & Unprotected Data

At-a-glance view of the size and scope of Unprotected & Protected Data over time.

  • Visualize all your unprotected data
  • Know the status of all your protected sensitive sata

Dive Down into Your Riskiest Assets

Report on and dive down into your riskiest assets based on Tag groups.

  • Each cluster represents dynamic and logical groupings of resources (e.g., Org Units, Endpoints, File Locations, users, etc)
  • Cluster size represents amount of data each resource stores. Color represents your sensitive data exposure
  • Drill down from Tags to endpoints to Users with a tap or click
Spyglass-Sensitive Data Heatmap for Data Loss Prevention
Spyglass-Searches for Data Loss Prevention

Data Sprawl vs. Remediation

Know where your organization’s sensitive data stands at any time across all your network and cloud environments.

  • At-a-glance view of searches performed and how much Sensitive Data was found
  • How much Sensitive data was protected

Protected Sensitive Data

View actions taken on all your discovered sensitive data.

  • Metrics of applied controls for what has been Shredded, Encrypted, Redacted, Quarantined, Access Modified, or No Longer Exists
  • Customizable remediation actions based on your policies
Spyglass-Protected Sensitive Data for Data Loss Prevention
Spyglass-Classified Data for Data Loss Prevention

Automated Persistent Classification

Maintain a view of all your data by Classification Types.

  • Classification Labels are customizable and integrated with remediation processes
  • Drill down to analyze and review only the classified data you care about at a point in time

Data Loss Prevention Health Check of All Endpoints

View the discovery progress of all your endpoints across the entire organization.

  • Real time status into Spirion discovery, classification, and monitoring activities
  • See polling and search status
  • See whether scans have been started, stopped, or stalled
  • View the discovery progress of your endpoints across the entire organization
Spyglass-Endpoint Status for Data Loss Prevention

The industry’s only plug-and-play solution for managing sensitive data.

Having limited visibility into your organization’s sensitive data increases its risk for a catastrophic data breach. Spirion® has the solution for simplifying your organization’s data protection security challenges. The Spirion Data Platform was designed to provide a comprehensive solution for reducing your organization’s sensitive data footprint quickly and continuously.

  • Within an hour start seeing sensitive data results
  • Within a day create an inventory of sensitive data on all systems
  • Within a week Implement a process for continuous data protection

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