Frequently Asked Questions

Spirion Data Discovery Agent

  • What is the Spirion Data Discovery Agent?

    The Spirion Data Discovery Agent allow you to find what sensitive data lives on your personal computer and where it is located.

    The agent will:

    • Search for all social security, credit card numbers, bank account numbers, driver’s license numbers, and passwords on an individual’s machine
    • Display what sensitive data it finds & where you can locate it
    • Empower you to protect or get rid of your sensitive data

    The agent will not:

    • Create a copy of that data on your machine or within any Spirion environment
    • Generate a downloadable report
    • Act on the sensitive data findings within the agent
  • What types of data does the Spirion Data Discovery Agent search for?

    Spirion products can search for a wide variety of identity data types, but scans within the free agent are configured to only search for:

    • Social Security Numbers (SSNs)
    • Credit Card Numbers (CCs)
    • Bank Account Numbers
    • Driver’s License Numbers
    • Passwords
  • What types of files and locations are searched?

    While one of our flagship product’s best features is that it can discover data on any endpoint, this install is only configured to search your personal computer.

    To better understand AnyFind, Sensitive Data Manager’s powerful discovery tool that has less than a 2% false-positive, watch our video.

  • Where do I download the Data Discovery Agent?

    Go to this link to download our the agent.

  • How do I install the Data Discovery Agent?

    Currently the Data Discovery Agent is only available for Windows.

    Go to install instructions.

    For link for install, go here.

  • How long will the scan take?

    The duration of the scan time is a direct result of the amount of data stored on your desktop as well as the speed of the computer itself.

  • Who can view my results from a scan?

    Spirion is in the business of building privacy-first cultures within organizations and protecting what matters most – sensitive data. Because of that mission, you will be the only person able to see your scan results.

    Your results will only be able to be viewed on your desktop within a display window and:

    • No report or copy of your data will be made or sent to a Spirion console.
    • You will not be able to download a report of the data found – which would duplicate the data on your machine
    • Be able to act on or remediate the data found through the agent

    These restrictions were made to protect the privacy of your data since there is no secure way to share your scan results without the console.

    Within the display window, you will be able to:

    • See all sensitive data found on your personal computer
    • Know where it is located
    • Gain insight on where sensitive data lies toSee how you can use Watcher – Sensitive Data Manager’s Classification tool that allows you to persistently and automatically classify your data.
  • Will the scan cause my computer to run slower?

    By default, the OIS configuration settings in Spirion is designed to optimize scan speed. You should not notice a difference on your desktop when Spirion is running. On older computers or computers with large data sets, the machine may not have enough available resources to allow both Spirion and your regular work to run at their normal speed.