Unisys Stealth

Unisys offers a micro-segmentation solution, Unisys Stealth, that can control east-west traffic between systems – traffic that flows inside of the same network. Unisys Stealth currently uses identity-based segmentation, where segments and filters can be defined using identity management systems such as Active Directory (AD). 

This integration and partnership builds on Unisys’ micro-segmentation capabilities to segment traffic between systems where sensitive information has been discovered by Spirion, enriching DLP use cases that can be solved for using Stealth. For example, when a system is found to contain sensitive HR data, Stealth can microsegment the system so that traffic can only flow between other systems where appropriate HR-related security policies are in place.

Spirion Products:
Sensitive Data Manager only

Other Products:
Unisys Stealth version 6.0 or later. 

Required Skills & Technology:
Ability to modify and execute a local PowerShell script from a SDM workflow or an SDP playbook. 

Released: 08/15/2023

For More Information:

Spirion CEO Kevin Coppins