Finding Unsecured Videoconference
Recordings on Workstations

This Extension sheds light on a critical concern: the potential presence of sensitive information within unsecured video conference meeting recordings.

These recordings often unwittingly capture confidential data related to healthcare, financials, or intellectual property discussions. What compounds the challenge is the uncertainty surrounding the automatic storage of these recordings, thereby introducing a new vulnerability.

Enter Spirion’s Sensitive Data Manager and Sensitive Data Platform, two powerful tools designed to address this issue comprehensively. Here’s how they can be instrumental:

  1. Locating and Protecting Conference Recordings: Spirion empowers you to proactively identify and secure conference recordings, ensuring that sensitive data remains confidential.
  2. Advancing Compliance: In the era of stringent data protection laws, Spirion aids in compliance efforts by helping you adhere to regulations and avoid costly penalties.
  3. Protecting Intellectual Property: Spirion extends its protective umbrella to safeguard your intellectual property, including trade secrets and privileged or confidential communications. This is invaluable in today’s competitive landscape.
  4. Minimizing Data Breach Risks: By effectively managing conference recordings, Spirion reduces the likelihood of having to report data losses as part of a sensitive data breach, preserving your organization’s reputation and trust.

You’ll find in this Extension how Spirion’s Sensitive Data Manager and Sensitive Data Platform serve as indispensable allies in the battle to secure sensitive information within video conference recordings.

By leveraging this resource, you’ll enhance compliance and also shield your organization’s most valuable assets, all while mitigating the risks associated with data breaches.

Spirion Products:
Sensitive Data Manager and Sensitive Data Platform

Required Skills & Technology:
Not Applicable

Released: 10/30/2020


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