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The leader in accurate data discovery.

Sensitive Data Platform

The leader in accurate data discovery.

Comply with ever-changing data privacy regulations, avoid costly fees, protect against data breaches, and defend your organization’s reputation with Spirion Sensitive Data Platform (SDP). Our latest privacy-grade solution helps you discover sensitive data, classify data based on its level of sensitivity, and remediate sensitive data wherever it lives, with 98% accuracy you can trust. The culmination of 15 years of industry-leading experience, Spirion SDP offers:

  • Visibility into data wherever it lives
  • Unmatched accuracy you can trust
  • Automated workflow control for complex discovery, classification and remediation
  • Identity-centric discovery for fast and accurate SRR response
  • High-powered User and Entity Behavioral Analytics (UEBA) and Visualization

Data tends to wander.

We find sensitive information wherever it lives

We scan a comprehensive and competitive range of locations, including file types, structured and unstructured data, major email servers, cloud repositories, databases, employee laptops, and more. If sensitive data exists behind your firewall, Spirion SDP will find it, wherever it wanders.

Discover Sensitive Data with AnyFind
Discover Sensitive Data with AnyFind

Data leaves a scent.

We track it with unmatched accuracy, delivering results you can trust

Most scans return high levels of noise that take time to sort through and can result in business disruption if left unchecked. Spirion SDP goes beyond pattern matching, delivering unmatched accuracy by taking context clues into account. Our scans return false-positives and false-negatives at less than 2%, providing actionable insights you can trust.

Data needs a guide.

We help you lead the way with automated workflows

Spirion SDP’s playbooks allow you to create simple, highly-extensible workflow control for complex data discovery, classification and remediation processes, taking the guesswork out of data management, saving time, and increasing consistency through automation. We offer a broad, flexible range of remediation actions to meet the needs of your organization.

Discover Sensitive Data with AnyFind
Discover Sensitive Data with AnyFind

Data needs to be trained where it can go.

Catalog your data assets and map data flow

Track all your assets that contain sensitive data and assign owners, descriptions, physical locations, and security postures.

Data has to follow the rules

We help you comply with personal data requests with speed and accuracy

Spirion SD Finder extends Spirion SDP, adding the ability to associate data with identity to automate the complex process of responding to Data Subject Rights Requests. Spirion SD Finder increases response speeds, eliminates human error, minimizes risk, and protects your organization from fines and fees.

Discover Sensitive Data with AnyFind
Discover Sensitive Data with AnyFind

Data requires monitoring

We help you monitor, connect and understand data

Spirion SD Watcher leverages data activity collection, monitoring and reporting to help identify unusual or aberrant behavior on sensitive data within your environment.

Data needs tracking

We help you quantify, monitor, track and report on data risks

Spirion SPIglass™ Executive Dashboard

Spirion Sensitive Private Information Dashboard (SPIglass™) Dashboard presents sensitive data risk in financial terms that are meaningful to board members, executive leadership, and other stakeholders. (Is it a $200,000 risk or a $25 million risk?). Empower data-driven decision-making, demonstrate progress, and highlight pockets of risk in your security posture with Spirion SPIglass.

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Spirion SDV3™ Sensitive Data Risk Dashboard

Spirion SDV3™ Sensitive Data Risk Dashboard provides a quantitative measure of data risk that is directly tied to the sensitivity of personal data stored on IT systems. Sharpen your focus to what matters most — spotlighting the riskiest data assets, so you can objectively manage trade-offs and quantify your success.

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Spirion Custom Reports

A visual, in-app interface for users to create shared libraries of reports, custom tailored to each user’s information needs. Select from a list of available data points to include in your report and add filters to fine tune your results – all without the need for SQL queries or APIs.

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Spirion Enhanced Analytics (SEA)

Analyze vast volumes of petabytes of data from within your own BI reporting and analytics tools. The SEA is a powerful, no-code solution to easily build your own data models and visualizations.

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Discover Sensitive Data with AnyFind

Chase and fetch data at top speeds

Modern SaaS architecture helps you gain efficiency

Our highly-scalable cloud architecture moves discovery closer to the data, leveraging containerized microservices to deliver high-efficiency results. Spirion SDP offers dynamic teams of cloud agents to scale up scanning speeds affordably, a growing list of flexible APIs and integrations, and Microsoft Azure hosting.

See how it works

Spirion SDP finds sensitive data anywhere, delivers the most accurate results in the industry, and saves valuable time with automated workflows and modern, lightning-fast technology.

Discover Sensitive Data with AnyFind

Sensitive Data Platform does it all

When you’re shopping for a data privacy management tool, there’s a lot of capabilities to consider. Our latest solution is built on our data privacy management framework, helping you automatically, accurately, and persistently discover, understand, classify, control, and protect sensitive data.

AnyFind and Sensitive Data Definitions

Unique, proprietary algorithms go beyond keyword and RegEx scanning

Comprehensive file type support

Office, PDF, text, other unstructured formats

Scan all data types

Find sensitive information across structured and unstructured data type

Scan cloud repositories

Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive

Scan email servers & IT Infrastructure

Exchange, Gmail, GSuite, SharePoint

Cross-system support

Windows, MacOS, Linux, and cloud repositories

Database and ODBC compatible data locations

Hundreds of structured and application data locations with AnyScans

Automated workflows

Playbooks model and run complex conditional workflows to enforce data privacy and retention

Spirion Enhanced Analytics

Optional performance-optimized data warehouse supporting a wide range of analytic and reporting tools.

Modern SaaS architecture

Kubernetes containerized microservices

Dynamic cloud or on-premise agents

Scale-up speeds affordably in the cloud, or reduce network load on-prem

Azure hosting

AWS or self-hosting options available

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