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Complying with privacy laws like GDPR and CCPA requires the ability to find all personal data across a rapidly expanding ecosystem and build comprehensive reports in rapid time frames. Spirion Sensitive Data Finder (SD Finder) helps you rise to the challenge by leveraging the depth and breadth of Spirion Sensitive Data Platform (SDP) with added power to associate data with individuals. Spirion SD Finder offers:

  • AI-driven name recognition
  • Identity matches
  • Comprehensive subject rights responses to fulfill DSAR, SRR, and IRR requests
  • Subject request workflow management
  • Dashboards to track request status and timing

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Spirion SD Finder discovers personal data anywhere, associates it with individuals, validates identity, and accurately automates reporting.

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SD Finder does it all

This solution extends Spirion SDP, automatically discovering all personal data, associating it with an individual, matching identities and maintaining compliance with privacy laws through subject rights request reporting for consumers.

AI-powered name recognizer

Discover and accurately associate data elements using ML models that identify subjects within your environment

Informative request fulfillment

Provide accurate responses to fulfill subject requests

Streamline Subject Data Review

Easily preview and approve subject data in-context where it lives

Automated workflows

Collaborate, track, and manage timing of subject data requests

AnyFind accuracy

Leverage unique, proprietary algorithms go beyond keyword and RegEx scanning

Public API

Automate the full SRR, DSAR, and IRR process from intake to delivery

Regulatory category mapping

Match data to regulatory categories to meet reporting requirements

Scan all data types and locations

Find personal information across structured and unstructured data types, wherever it lives

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