The average reduction in Sensitive Data sprawl with Spirion is 99.5%.

Key Benefits

Find 100% of your sensitive data, classify and protect it.

Spirion strengthens existing data loss prevention (DLP) solutions by accurately discovering, classifying and protecting sensitive data at the source.  Data stored anywhere, in any format, and at any time—from PII, PCI, ePHI data to company confidential information.

Reduce your sensitive data sprawl by 99.5%* or more. Reduce the risk of a breach or mishandling of data. Operationalize data classification policies and controls to meet compliance requirements. Unlock the effectiveness of existing and future data protection investments without unnecessary business disruption.

(*Source: based on long-term large enterprise Spirion customer audits.)

Accurately locate all your sensitive data and intellectual property (IP)

Accurately discover and classify 100% of your sensitive data in documents, images and files; whether stored on desktops, laptops, servers or in the cloud. Get real time visibility you need into 100% of your sensitive and confidential data.

Attack sensitive data sprawl and stop data leaks at the source

Reduce data sprawl by 99.5% or more.  Real time visibility and control of all your sensitive data eliminates risk at its root cause by identifying all of your sensitive data copies, remediating and controlling them, and preventing unneeded creation and sharing of new ones.

Operationalize data classification policies and controls

Automate the discovery, classification and protection of data at rest and in use. Operationalize your data protection policies and controls without over-dependence on users and without unnecessary disruption of business.

Comply with regulations

Meet the specific requirements put on your business for the handling of sensitive data, be it HIPAA, PCI-DSS, FISMA, FERPA, GLBA, ITAR, HITECH, SOX, EU GDPR or other regulations. Accurately and effectively find regulated data and automate enforcement of compliance controls around both storage and handling of this data.

Open APIs for enterprise-wide effectiveness

Deploy Spirion across the entire organization cost effectively and easily. Remediate risk as it happens and as data spreads leveraging Spirion’s highly accurate data discovery, persistent classification and real time monitoring to unlock the effectiveness and realize the ROI on other security investments such as Gateway DLP and encryption, without false positives or business disruption.

Visualize and Manage Risk.

Enterprise-wide visualization of an organization’s sensitive data risk exposure with the ability to drill down into specific areas of interest.

Quickly see the posture, risk exposure and protection status of sensitive data across the company, and make data driven decisions with the interactive Spyglass. Understand what sensitive data exists, where it is and isn’t located, when it was found or removed, who owns it, and how it is protected, if at all.

  • Single screen visualization of all your sensitive data and remediation activities
  • Know your Maximum Exposure vs. what’s Protected at any time across your environment – on premise and cloud
  • Visualize trends, showing Existing Data vs. Newly Created Data vs. Protected Data
  • Drill down into details and areas of concern are a tap or click away
Spyglass dashboard left view (2) for Data Loss Prevention

Identify your sensitive data, all of it. Anywhere.

Reliable discovery results with industry leading accuracy and precision.

The efficacy of every task throughout the sensitive data lifecycle—classification, monitoring and protecting—hinges on accuracy, the core component of Spirion’s methodology. With AnyFind™ technology, locate any data such as social security, credit card numbers or company-specific intellectual property by employing contextual search technology that goes beyond fingerprint and pattern or regex style searching. AnyFind™ discovers the very difficult to find data and then verifies it using proprietary algorithms that deliver less than 1% false positives.

  • AnyFind™ Branching Validation Algorithms combined with Advanced Text Extraction delivers the industry’s highest accuracy
  • Probe deep into databases, emails, cloud storage and all the places structured and unstructured data is created and stored
  • Search everything (office files, text, images, email, attachments, archives, etc.)
  • Search everywhere (Windows, Mac, Linux, Cloud, Databases, SharePoint, Websites, etc.)
  • Find PII, PCI, and ePHI and intellectual property or confidential information unique to your organization
  • Demonstrate compliance with HIPAA, PCI-DSS, FISMA, FERPA, GLBA, ITAR, HITECH, SOX, EU GDPR.
  • Supports meeting national breach notification and state breach notification regulations laws.
Data Discovery Dashboard - Spirion

Persistent classification.

Automated classification with persistent updates when files update.

Pinpoint business critical, regulated and sensitive data buried deep within your organization and then persistently classify it so your organization can employ secure protection strategies including shredding, redacting and encrypting.

  • Centralized management with easy-to-use interfaces and remote control
  • Automatic classification and fine-tuned classifications to determine who has access, who uses the data, who owns the data, as it’s created and moved
  • Create tags that remain with data to support user awareness
  • Set up automatic classification, reducing resource intensive activities and enforcing data governance
  • Empower employees to add security classification based on set policies and alert them to sensitivity of their data
  • Visualize, classify, monitor and proactively respond  from a centralized enterprise dashboard
Data Classification - Spirion

Enforce your policies, remediate & respond in real time. Strengthen data loss prevention.

Maintain a perpetual state of sensitive data management awareness.

Enable your organization to continuously monitor at-risk, sensitive, business critical and regulated data. If a new piece of sensitive data is created, Spirion Data Platform immediately identifies it in real-time and automatically classifies it. AnyFind search technology enables real time discovery and classification with unrivaled accuracy.

  • Continuously monitor sensitive and critical data from a single, unified console
  • Securely enforce data request policies made by employees and third parties
  • Powerful enterprise-wide analysis and easy-to-read built-in and custom reports
  • Open classification architecture (easy 3rd-party integrations)
  • Enterprise-wide enforcement of multiple policy implementations
  • Roles based access control and multi-layered security

A complete solution for enforcing your organization’s data security policies—including remediating the risk. Within a single pane of glass, you can direct a host of automated and manual actions:

  • Shred data securely
  • Redact sensitive data from documents that need to preserved
  • Encrypt sensitive data currently in use
  • Quarantine data to a secure location before it is improperly used or disclosed
Data Monitoring - Spirion

The industry’s only plug-and-play solution for managing sensitive data.

Having limited visibility into your organization’s sensitive data increases its risk for a catastrophic data breach. Spirion® has the solution for simplifying your organization’s data protection security challenges. The Spirion Data Platform was designed to provide a comprehensive solution for reducing your organization’s sensitive data footprint quickly and continuously.

  • Within an hour start seeing sensitive data results
  • Within a day create an inventory of sensitive data on all systems
  • Within a week Implement a process for continuous data protection

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