Platform Features



Discover your complete landscape of sensitive structured and unstructured data across your environment with Spirion — on networks, clouds, and remote file servers. Know where your ever-expanding footprint of sensitive data lives — including personally identifiable information (PII), personal health information (PHI), personal credit information, and intellectual property (IP). With Spirion, your organization will:

  • Understand your complete data landscape with enterprise-strength accuracy to reduce lapses in security
  • Eliminate false-negatives and -positives that disrupt business workflow, security, and compliance
  • Minimize your analysts’ time spent locating an ever-expanding big data footprint


After discovering where your sensitive data lives, imbed accurate labels according to both today’s ever-changing regulatory compliance rules and your internal security policies. Intelligently classify all data with Spirion to apply appropriate data security controls to boost your security and compliance, and lower your risks. With Spirion, your organization will:

  • Automate data classification throughout the data lifecycle for both optimal protection and user access
  • Ensure only appropriate staff members can access critical and sensitive data
  • Minimize analysts’ time spent applying data compliance and security rules and human error risks


After your data has been discovered and classified, enforce protection according to ever-more strict compliance regulations and your organization’s security policies. Deploy protection through Spirion that is both strong and flexible enough to allow appropriate admins to access data to perform critical business functions — from creation to shredding. With Spirion, your organization will:

  • Reduce regulatory non-compliance risks with continuous, high-strength data protection
  • Integrate preferred data security solutions, including DLP, IRM/DRM, SIEM, firewalls, and encryption
  • Empower your organization to become a trusted data steward


Know the exact posture, risk exposure, and protection status of all sensitive data across your enterprise at all times. Once discovered and classified in Spirion, data protection professionals can place the data in a data inventory and run reports that demonstrate protection. With Spirion, your organization will:

  • Gain critical insight on the type of data discovered and classified across your organization
  • Understand where all sensitive data is located and how it’s being protected
  • Make regulatory compliance a proactive aspect of your business operation