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Protect What Matters Most – Sensitive Consumer Information and Payment Card Data

Giving online retail and eCommerce businesses full data visibility so they can combat evolving security risks with focused protections.

While eCommerce and payment card transactions are nothing new, their prevalence is only growing as digital transformations take shape and consumers readily embrace them. Add to this loyalty pushes, such as brands offering their own credit cards and targeted, personalized digital marketing campaigns, and you’ve got retailers in possession of high volumes of sensitive payment card, bank, credit, and personal data. As the popularity of online retail and eCommerce increases, so does the risk of these entities being targeted by cybercriminals.

From PCI-DSS to GDPR, online retail companies must comply with multiple data security regulations to protect an ever-expanding body of sensitive data. On top of this, they must be prepared to fill consumer requests for data access, as is guaranteed by privacy regulations. With such valuable data at risk and noncompliance penalties so high, eCommerce companies need to take proactive measures to minimize vulnerabilities.

A Spirion-first approach makes it easy to proactively protect consumer information. Our platform accurately discovers structured and unstructured sensitive data across networks and the cloud — including personally identifiable data (PII), credit card information, and other transaction data. It then classifies data according to compliance regulations and company rules, so retail businesses can determine the right strategic data protections and monitor progress without risking human error.

Reduce risk exposure

Identify, classify, and protect personal data to prevent compromise and misuse.

Improve business efficiencies and decision-making

Enhance security posture by making informed decisions based on business insights.

Facilitate compliance

Facilitate compliance with CCPA, GDPR, and other relevant data protection laws and regulations.

Trusted by the retail industry to maintain eCommerce security.


The amount of money US consumers spent on eCommerce in 2021, up 17.9% from 2020.



he percentage of total retail sales eCommerce is expected to drive by 2025.



The average cost of a data breach in the retail industry, up 62.7% from 2020.

IBM 2021 Cost of a Data Breach Report

Meet the requirements of evolving eCommerce security and privacy regulations.


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