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4 Sensitive Data Security Questions You Should Ask Yourself

Every organization is different and how they handle their sensitive data is just as diverse. But every organization, no matter size or industry, should be asking themselves these 4 questions.

  1. Where is Our Sensitive Data and Who has Access?

Even highly regulated industries have a tough time identifying data that could be deemed sensitive, much less discerning its sensitivity level. This includes not only personal information but also intellectual property. Knowing where your sensitive data is housed isn’t enough to meet strict regulatory compliance requirements. Rapid and accurate data discovery enables you to precisely and rapidly locate sensitive data anywhere it exists in your enterprise ecosystem. It also makes it easy to respond to changes in data protection requirements as they arise.

  1. How is Our Sensitive Data Classified and is it Persistent?

There’s an inclination to overclassify data with levels that may not make it immediately obvious what the classification really means. Simplify labels, tags, and markings so they are easy to distinguish, and your employees can readily understand them. Spirion applies metadata tags that are not only readily seen but stay with your data throughout its life cycle.

  1. Do We Have Real-Time Visibility?

Keeping up with your sensitive data isn’t a one-and-done deal. With a role-based, real-time dashboard, you gain a clear view of protected and unprotected data, minimizing your risk. Using this information, you can create reports that show your organization’s state of compliance and risk posture for any time frame.

  1. Do We Treat Our Sensitive Data as a Living Entity?

Legacy data classification seems like a daunting task since so much adds up over time, but it’s best to tackle the obstacle before it morphs into a liability. With Spirion AnyFind and Sensitive Data Engine your sensitive data exposure of internal data will increase to the point that its remediation substantially covers your risk.

The Answer to Your Sensitive Data Questions

Spirion Rapid Data Discovery and Automatic Data Classification help to define your data, building a foundation for data awareness and control. It provides you with an integrated mapping of your sensitive data, either on-premise or in the cloud. Spirion gives you the ability to set automatic or manual remediation policies for all of your sensitive data. The Spyglass dashboard continuously demonstrates your minimized risk and illuminates your state of compliance posture for any point in time.

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