Spirion Software Updates 2/5/2020 edition

Spirion Product Updates as of 2/5/2020:

You asked and we listened! Here are the newest improvements to Spirion’s Sensitive Data Manager (SDM) driven by customer feedback. We are always listening for new ways to improve our products and we want to hear from you. If you’re already a Spirion user, please reach out to your Customer Support Manager with ideas on how we can do even better.

A core theme of this update is that Spirion’s SDM has even greater search and discovery capabilities across file formats and file-sharing environments. It can now redact UTF-8 files, search in Mongo, and perform consistent Sharepoint classification.

We also made SDM easier to use. SDM’s dashboard has been updated. Plus, it has the capability to do location and match-based classification weighting. This means you can prioritize your most sensitive data needs first when searching large amounts of information.

Here are the specific updates for SDM as of 02/04/2020.

Console Single Sign-On support through SAML 2.0 standard
Worry less about passwords and lock-outs when logging in to the Spirion Console – it now supports SAML 2.0 SSO.  You can configure this in the Console Admin Tool (CAT) and works with most SAML 2.0 providers.

File Change Watcher support for Mac OSX and RedHat Linux
Spirion now has a Watcher capability across all agents – watch folders and USB sticks on Mac OSX and RedHat Enterprise Linux machines with agents installed.

File and Email Timestamp filtered searching
This seems like an odd feature to include in a post like this, but it’s quite powerful and deserves a spot.  Now searches can be configured to search within both fixed and floating date constraints using all of our Boolean operators.  For example, you can search for files that are newer than 10 days old, or emails that are older than 1 year old.  We even have a nice GUI menu to set these policies for you.

Redaction of UTF-8 files
As the data landscape continues to evolve, sensitive data that exists outside of plain text and Office files still need to be controlled.  Spirion can now Redact data within UTF-8 format files.

Mongo No-SQL support
Spirion can search the most popular NoSQL database – Mongo.

SharePoint Persistent Classification
Persistently tagging data within Unstructured stores using embedded metadata has been available to us for a while.  Now, we can do the same thing inside SharePoint (yes, this includes SharePoint.com and SharePoint on-prem!)

Location and Match based Classification Weighting
We’re the best classification solution on the market today and we’ve made it even better.  Everyone wants to find a credit card or SSN match, but how do you prioritize what you want to look at first – maybe that call list with 500 telephone numbers is something your sales team wants to know about first.  Spirion can now apply weighting to individual matches inside a given file giving you the ability to look at YOUR most important information first.

New Dashboard
To go along with our new classification system, Spirion has a new Dashboard analytics page which displays classifications and weights in a couple of different ways – aggregated views, and drill-downs for starters.  All of it is sortable, filterable, and yes, you can go to the Results pane with the view you need.

Honorable Mention: Microsoft Information Protection Support
We’re cheating a little bit here as this came out before 11.0, but we fully support Microsoft Information Protection (MIP) which is Microsoft’s on-prem version of AIP protection.  Apply AIP Labels and Protection Labels to files through our Workflow, to any file type we can search, in any location that supports remediation actions, including local desktops, SharePoint, and shares.

Call Home

We want your help in making the product better.  To that end, we have included an opt-in service to provide us feedback on how the product is deployed and what things we need to support.  We don’t gather any Personal Identifying Information (PII).

To be clear we only gather the following:

  • The Licensed Company Name
  • Spirion Console Version
  • Spirion Console Machine Domain Name
  • Spirion Endpoint agent version(s)
  • Endpoint OS Platform(s)
  • Endpoint GUID(s)
  • Endpoint agent(s) last search time
  • Endpoint agent(s) last poll time

Want to learn more about Spirion’s software and its capabilities? Download our Solution Overview and learn more.