What is DLP as a service and when is it right for your organization?

If your organization collects, uses, or stores sensitive data, a thorough data loss prevention (DLP) strategy is vital to your business interests. Threats like data breaches, data leaks, or data exfiltration can cost your organization precious time and money.

Even if your organization has recognized the need for a comprehensive DLP plan, what that plan looks like will depend on the needs of your company. More specifically, should your company manage DLP services internally, or should you consider DLP as a service? This article will shed light on different approaches to DLP services and provide insights into the best option for your organization.

What is DLP?

How is data loss prevention defined? DLP is not a piece of set-it-and-forget-it software as some may believe. Rather, DLP is the sum of all internal programs, procedures, and strategies put in place to protect the sensitive information held by your organization.

An effective approach to DLP requires effective data discovery as well as accurate and automatic data classification. In more specific terms, your DLP strategy needs to include ensuring the securing of data at rest. It is only with both discovery and classification that organizations can holistically protect their threat surface.

Benefits of a thorough DLP plan

Sensitive information can be classified in one of three categories: Personally Identifiable Information (PII), Personal Health Information (PHI), or Intellectual Property (IP). An effective DLP strategy covers all three and addresses the pain points faced by many organizations in securing this data, including:

  • Regulatory compliance. Organizations storing sensitive information must abide by a variety of regulations depending on factors like location and industry.
  • IP protection. From small insider attacks to state-sponsored theft, intellectual property theft can cost organizations millions of dollars.
  • Data tracking. With an effective DLP strategy in place, organizations have better insights into the data they have, where it exists, and who’s accessing it.

Comparing onsite DLP services with cloud services

DLP solutions are handled internally with a software as a service (SaaS) model or externally with a DLP as a service model. Business considerations need to be made in either case, and the decision will likely depend on factors such as resources, staffing, and budgetary constraints.

Internal SaaS DLP solutions

By keeping DLP solutions in-house, an organization has full control over their DLP strategy. This eliminates much of an organization’s reliance on outside data security partners. However, these solutions require a dedicated team with the resources and expertise to properly monitor and protect against a variety of security threats. Organizations with specialized staff and adequate resources can effectively deploy and manage DLP solutions in-house.

DLP as a service

DLP as a service places the burden of knowledge on an outside party to ensure effective data protection. The tradeoff is a reduced need for internal time and resources to maintain an effective DLP strategy. Generally, DLP as a service can also provide real-time protection and incorporate knowledge of threats from outside organizations, effectively pooling knowledge of possible threats for an enhanced level of protection. DLP as a service can be a smart investment for small to midsize companies looking for streamlined operations or who may not have the resources necessary to build and maintain the infrastructure required to meet their security needs.

How Spirion’s Governance Suite addresses DLP needs

Spirion’s Governance Suite provides a comprehensive selection of tools to help organizations of all sizes address their security and privacy needs. With 98% accurate data discovery, persistent and dynamic data classification, and customization options to fit your business needs, the Governance Suite empowers your organization to take a proactive approach to data protection and regulatory compliance.

Contact us today to speak with a Spirion expert about solutions for your organization. You can also watch a demo to see what a full-featured data protection suite looks like in action.