Spirion Unveils Spirion Custom Reports to Enhance Sensitive Data Governance

Spirion Custom Reports equips security and privacy teams with actionable reporting on their organization's risk posture

TAMPA, Fla., <August 10, 2023>Spirion, a pioneer in sensitive data governance, today announced the release of Spirion Custom Reports, a new reporting tool that enhances their Sensitive Data Platform (SDP). This launch marks an important milestone for the company’s customers looking to gain further visibility into their inherent sensitive data risks and take proactive action to reduce them.

Spirion’s intuitive and customizable reports enable security leaders to track progress of their initiatives and make smart decisions about their organizations’ sensitive data.

With this new tool, privacy and security teams can access KPIs tailored to their company’s specific needs, eliminating blindspots and creating greater transparency into sensitive data governance. The easily exportable reports also allow users to easily stay abreast of any changes or trends in real time.

Cyberattacks, incidents, and disruptive events have become so frequent globally that the increased level of cyber risk is now considered normal. Forrester’s 2022 data shows that 74% of global security leaders reported experiencing at least one cyberbreach in the past 12 months, compared to 63% of 2021 respondents.1

In today’s challenging world of IT, organizations face significant risks when it comes to handling sensitive data. It’s crucial for them to have a clear understanding of the data they collect, process, and store, as well as the potential risks associated with each type of data. These insights help organizations prioritize their efforts to protect data and ensure compliance with privacy regulations.

“Spirion is a trusted partner for organizations looking to manage sensitive data risk and stay ahead of emerging threats,” says Spirion Director of Product Management Ryan Tully “With its powerful, customized reporting capabilities, Spirion offers powerful and customizable reporting capabilities that provide security teams with actionable insights. This helps reduce risks and improve data management practices.”

SDP Custom Reports provides a user-friendly interface within the application. It allows users to create their own libraries of reports tailored to their specific information needs. Users can choose from a list of data points to include in the report and apply filters to refine the results, all without the need for complicated SQL queries or APIs. Benefits include:

  • Deliver standard or ad hoc reports that cater to the needs of user groups or departments.
  • Present complex data points in an easily understandable format.
  • Create multiple data views within an SDP instance to accommodate different user requirements.
  • Schedule report generation at convenient times for internal processes.
  • View reports online or export them as CSV files for analysis using spreadsheets or business intelligence tools. This allows for the creation of reports and visualizations that turn data into actionable insights.

About Spirion

Since 2006, Spirion has been relentlessly solving real data protection issues. By accurately and contextually discovering structured and unstructured data, purposefully classifying it, and providing automated real-time risk remediation and robust analytics, Spirion delivers organizations enhanced visibility into their most vulnerable data and assets.

Spirion’s Privacy-Grade® data protection software reduces risk exposure, improves data footprint visibility, streamlines business operations and decision-making, all while facilitating compliance with data protection laws and regulations.1 Worldwide 1

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