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Data footprint reduction

Data is multiplying at all times

As each new bit of data is created, a portion of your organization’s data becomes outdated, redundant, or otherwise useless. This constant, ongoing process makes data incredibly difficult to govern and manage as it continues to pile up around you. Useless data can do far more harm than simply taking up space and reducing efficiency. It can also leave your organization exposed to compliance violations and legal risks. It’s no longer good enough to keep data locked away in case it’s needed someday. Compliance mandates dictate that you understand your data landscape like never before, including the types of data that exist, their locations, the length of time you store it, what it’s used for, and more.

Staying ahead of the deluge

The sheer volume of enterprise data makes it overwhelming to manage and too easy to overlook or lose. But a runaway data footprint represents costs as well as risk.


The amount of stored data that’s dark, redundant, obsolete, or trivial, according to Veritas Technologies.


The percent of employees who store personal documents and information on work devices, according to Veritas Technologies.

$3.3 Trillion

The estimated cumulative cost of data overload for organizations as of 2020, according to Veritas Technologies.


The amount of stored data that hasn’t been touched in more than three years, according to Veritas Technologies.

Unrivaled mitigation and remediation

Spirion provides privacy-grade remediation solutions that identify redundant, obsolete, or trivial data and provide the evidence needed to address it with confidence.

A comprehensive range of data processing actions with unparalleled granularity

Spirion addresses varying levels of data sensitivity and diverse use cases. Processing actions include but are not limited to collection, retention, logging, generation, transformation, use, disclosure, sharing, and disposal of personal data.

Secure data erasure, relocation, and containment

Spirion applies cutting-edge technology to ensure safe handling and protect data from unauthorized access as it’s moved or deleted.

Automated workflows

Proactively identify and tag data with predefined scopes for various regulations, earmarking it for the appropriate level of remediation at any time, regardless of where the data resides.

How it works

Spirion ensures real-time risk mitigation through automated removal, quarantining, and archiving of personal information to enhance compliance, including:

  • Secure data erasure using cutting-edge techniques including NIST Single Pass, DOD 3 Pass, Dod 7 Pass, and the Gutmann algorithm
  • Secure data relocation & containment so it can’t be accessed or recovered by anyone who gains access to the computing environment
  • Data anonymization through masking and homomorphic encryption
  • Data pseudonymization that automatically replaces private identifiers
  • Synthetic data and differential privacy
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Make data footprint reduction your area of expertise

We’ve compiled a wealth of resources to help you gain all the knowledge you need to master data footprint reduction for your organization.