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With a 15-year career that has spanned telecommunications, geospatial analysis, machine vision and more, Jason Hodgert focuses on making technologies logical, accessible, and understandable to mass audiences. As Product Marketing Manager at Spirion, Jason finds the areas where product functionality meets market requirements to help make privacy solutions available to all.

“What do I do now?”

This is the familiar refrain of my eight-year-old. She’s finished her book. Or, perhaps her movie ended, or her snack bowl is empty or her sister is fighting with her. The point is: she’s done the thing she was doing and wants me to help her find a new thing to do.

In many ways, it’s similar to what I’ve seen in the world of data discovery. Often times, organizations can focus so intently on where to start, not enough thought is given to where to go from there.

Whether it be current customers or prospects we meet, at Spirion, we always say that starting with the world’s most accurate and complete data discovery lays a foundation for future success with whatever your plans may be. The question we hear next is: “now what?”

Meet the pack

“Now what?” is a big reason why we developed the intelligent product bundling options you can find at Spirion starting today. When we moved our flagship product – Spirion Sensitive Data Platform (SDP) – to the cloud, we developed it using a containerized software architecture that not only ensures high levels of availability, scalability, and performance, but also allowed us to extend the functionality of our tools via purpose-built offerings that align with different organizational requirements.

Sensitive Data Watcher adds intelligent monitoring for your most vulnerable assets

Spirion Sensitive Data Watcher (SDWatcher), compliments Spirion SDP by collecting file and folder activity on endpoints to help identify unauthorized or abnormal behavior on sensitive data. It watches over usage and movements of sensitive files and folders as well as detecting some common malware and breach indicators as defined by the MITRE ATT&CK framework. These alerts provide organizations the means to proactively detect, monitor, and stop potential privacy violations and loss of data privacy.

Sensitive Data Finder connects data to identity to streamline Subject Rights Requests

Spirion Sensitive Data Finder (SDFinder) simplifies an organization’s consumer data reporting process by associating sensitive information to individuals in order to deliver timely and accurate responses to subject rights requests (SRRs). The product delivers just-in-time connections using an innovative problem-solving framework to relate sensitive data to an individual identity with pinpoint accuracy; taking much of the guesswork and manual processes out of the SRR process.

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Introducing Spirion SaaS-Based Solution Bundles

The flexibility of our cloud architecture means that these new offerings can be mixed and matched with Sensitive Data Platform in a variety of convenient bundles to support wherever you happen to be in your privacy or security program.

· Sensitive Data Platform: Spirion Sensitive Data Platform (SDP) automatically discovers sensitive data, classifies data based on level of sensitivity, and remediates sensitive data wherever it lives, with proven 98% accuracy.

· Data Security Bundle: Extends Spirion SDP with the high-powered User and Entity Behavioral Analytics (UEBA) of SDWatcher to leverage data activity collection, monitoring and reporting to identify unusual or aberrant behavior on sensitive data.

· Data Privacy Bundle: Adds SDFinder to Spirion SDP to add identity-centric discovery for fast, accurate and automated response to Subject Rights Requests, thereby, eliminating human errors, minimizing risk, and protecting organizations from regulatory compliance fines and fees.

· Data Governance Suite: Combines the complete Spirion family to get maximum value out of the single source of truth provided by the platform

You decide what’s next

With my eight-year-old, I always say: “I can’t tell you what to do every minute of every day, but you have lots of options.” The rationale behind our new product bundling is similar. While everyone should start with an accurate assessment of the sensitive data in their possession, the “what’s next?” can vary depending on any number of factors that can include company size, industry, geography, regulatory pressures, or even the very nature of the data itself. By partnering with Spirion, customers have access to a range of flexible options to complete their privacy and security protection programs.

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Check out Spirion’s Solution Overview on our latest Governance Suite – which combines all Spirion products to build a proactive privacy and security posture for complete data protection.

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