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Spirion and OMNIA Partners


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OMNIA Partners, Public Sector is the nation’s largest and most experienced cooperative purchasing organization dedicated to public sector procurement. Our immense purchasing power and industry-leading suppliers have produced a comprehensive portfolio of cooperative contracts and partnerships, making OMNIA Partners the most valued and trusted resource for organizations nationwide.
Through the economies of scale created by OMNIA Partners, our participants now have access to an extensive portfolio of competitively solicited and publicly awarded agreements. The lead agency contracting process continues to be the foundation on which we are founded. OMNIA Partners is proud to offer more value and resources to state and local government, higher education, K-12 education and non-profits.
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Key benefits and features of Spirion + OMNIA Partners

Discover and classify with purpose.

Spirion’s proven 98.5% accuracy in finding sensitive data and automatically classifying and tagging that data according to your agency’s policies gives you the confidence you need that your most valuable data is protected.

Protect all of your data anywhere.

Mitigate the risk of data breaches by ensuring that both structured (databases) and unstructured (Word, Excel, PPT, files) data is both discovered and protected.

Deploy and start using within a day.

By teaming up with OMNIA Partners to implement Spirion, you can start finding sensitive data within hours.

Build a proactive data security model.

Know where to start by knowing where your greatest risk lies.  OMNIA Partner’s extensive expertise in the public sector paired with the Spirion platform capabilities’ proven track record in finding  government agency’s most sensitive data means your organization can quickly develop a roadmap to data security maturity.

Comply with regulations.

Spirion helps to report and inform decision-making while facilitating compliance with data protection and privacy legislation, including HIPAA, CMMC, CJIS, PCI-DSS, FERPA, GDPR, and more.

Gain comprehensive data governance.

Spirion provides accurate visibility into sprawling data repositories allowing public sector institutions and agencies to reduce risk exposure, improve efficiencies by identifying what sensitive data resides where in their organization.